As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I can suggest some popular and high-quality bedsheet options that were well-regarded at that time. However, please note that newer products may have entered the market since then, so I recommend checking current reviews and ratings before making a purchase decision. Here are some top bedsheet options that were popular up to 2021:

1. Egyptian Cotton Sheets: 

Known for their luxurious feel and durability, Egyptian cotton sheets are a popular choice. They have a high thread count and are often considered very comfortable.

2. Supima Cotton Sheets: 

Supima cotton is a premium American-grown cotton known for its softness and durability. Sheets made from Supima cotton are often of high quality.

3. Linen Sheets: 

Linen sheets are breathable, moisture-wicking, and have a rustic, relaxed look. They are ideal for warm climates and can give your bedroom a cozy feel.

4. Microfiber Sheets: 

Microfiber sheets are affordable and can mimic the feel of natural fibers. They are often soft and wrinkle-resistant.

5. Sateen Sheets: 

Sateen sheets have a silky-smooth finish and are woven in a way that gives them a lustrous appearance. They are generally soft and comfortable.

6. Percale Sheets: 

Percale sheets have a crisp and cool feel, making them a great choice for hot sleepers or those who prefer a more traditional texture.

7. Flannel Sheets: 

Flannel sheets are perfect for cold climates as they provide extra warmth and coziness. They have a soft, fuzzy texture.

8. Bamboo Sheets: 

Bamboo sheets are known for their moisture-wicking properties and sustainability. They are often soft and silky.

9. Tencel Sheets: 

Tencel sheets are made from sustainably sourced wood pulp and are known for their smooth texture and moisture-wicking abilities.

10. Jersey Sheets: 

Jersey sheets are made from a stretchy, knit fabric similar to that used in t-shirts. They are soft and comfortable, with a casual appearance.

When choosing bedsheets, consider factors such as the material, thread count (though this isn't the only indicator of quality), weave, and your personal preferences for comfort and style. Remember to check current reviews and ratings to ensure you're selecting a high-quality option that suits your needs and budget.